The Game is Tratto now available in pocket format with Studio Supernova

Supernova Studio it amazes us with a very popular summer outing in line with the holiday climate! It is in fact already available for purchase The game is drawn, box in pocket which includes 10 original games of strategy and tactics (for 2 to 4 players) printed on erasable and endlessly re-playable boards.

A great idea to always carry in your backpack during the holidays (and not only!)

Now available The Game is a Supernova Study Tract

The box contains 10 strategy games of different difficulty suitable for all players. These are not the usual puzzles seen and reviewed, but original games that include top-notch game designers like Hjalmar Hach (King’s Dilemma, Like it, Photosyntesis), Dieter Stein (Urbino, Mixtour). 4brains4games (Michael, Tiny Turbo Cars) Nestor Romeral Andres (niju, greener) e Marcello Bertocchi (aqualin, libraria).

Il Gioco è Tratto is a project that was born with the aim of showing how you can still play with “pen and paper”, not only to the great classics such as hangman or tic-tac-toe, but also to modern games created by international game designers specifically for Studio Supernova. The first box of the series includes 10 original strategy and tactics games printed on erasable and endlessly replayable boards. Ten challenges of intellect and skill for 2 to 4 players, of all difficulties and for all tastes, perfect to always keep in your backpack and to play under an umbrella or, why not, during an aperitif!

The idea starts from a previous project by XV Games, recently merged into Studio Supernova, which is however transformed here into a more comfortable version, but equally effective and fun!

Il Gioco è Traatto contains strategy games, but (thanks to a little spoiler from the guys from Studio Supernova and XV Games) we can well hope that more will come, perhaps mathematical, on words or more. Here are the words of Marcello Bertocchi (with another spoiler, but today we’re generous!):

We had already published Game and Tract in book format containing 32 games, under the XV Games brand. This new “pocket” format contains some of the best games of that edition together with new ones specially designed for the occasion. It’s Studio Supernova’s first original board game… but definitely not the last!

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