The Green Knight 2 will be done? Here’s what we know about the sequel to the fantasy film

All fans of the Arthurian myth but also those who have appreciated The Green Knight, the fantasy film directed by David Lowery released last month, they keep looking for answers to the question: “Will The Green Knight 2 be made”?

Considered by critics as one of the best films of the year, the film inspired by the chivalrous poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight left us in suspense because of the ambiguous ending at the edge of the cliffhanger that seems to open up to a sequel.

The Green Knight 2 will be done?

The project really has all the credentials to continue with (at least) another film, considering the compelling story, the excellent box office performance and a masterful interpretation sported by Dev Patel as Sir Gawain, King Arthur’s grandson.

But what do we actually know about the likely sequel to The Green Knight?

Manufacturers of A24, the independent film studio that produced the film has yet to announce anything official and about it. Born in 2012, however, the studio must demonstrate that it has the strength to be able to develop an entire franchise but, if the film continues to cash in continuously, then it is very likely that The Green Knight 2 it will do.

When is The Green Knight 2 released?

Obviously, you can’t think of a sequel without the competent direction of David Lowery.

Considering that the release of The Green Knight The Green has suffered some delays related to the pandemic and considering that Lowery is currently busy with the Peter Pan and Wendy live-action for Disney coming out in 2022, it is clear to expect that the arrival of The Green Knight 2 no earlier than 2024.

The possible plot of the sequel to The Green Knight

As noted by CB, while The Green Knight is basically based on the 14th century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Galvano and the Green Knight), The Green Knight 2 could adapt one of the other Arthurian stories starring Gawain, such as “The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle”.

Lowery, however, may decide to continue to do “his own thing” and reinvent the story of Gawain again taking a completely original direction, perhaps imagining that the protagonist may have survived the second encounter with the Green Knight.

The cast of The Green Knight 2

If The Green Knight 2 were to be done, we still expect a return of Dev Patel as Sir Gawain with the rest of the cast which could depend on the story and the intentions of the director after the ambiguous ending of the film.

A direct sequel would however see Ralph Ineson adorn as the Green Knight, Alicia Vikander as Essel, Sarita Choudhury as Gawain’s mother, Sean Harris as King Arthur and Kate Dickie as the queen.

What is The Green Knight about?

An epic fantasy adventure based on the timeless Arthurian legend, The Green Knight tells the story of Sir Gawain, the headstrong and adventurous grandson of King Arthur who sets out in search of the legendary Green Knight, a giant emerald-skinned stranger famous for testing the men.

Gawain will have to face ghosts, giants, thieves and swindlers in what becomes a journey into his deepest soul and that will define him as a man, to prove his worth in the eyes of his family, and the whole kingdom, seeking the ultimate challenge with the most difficult opponents.

From visionary director David Lowery (The Invisible Dragon, Story of a Ghost, Old Man & The Gun) comes a bold new spin on a classic story of the knights of the round table.

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