the HBO series will not finally arrive in 2022

The Last of Us will ultimately not arrive this year. The HBO content director announces that we will have to wait until the year 2023.

Among the biggest video game franchises, The Last of Us holds a good place. The saga is a real commercial and especially critical success, many players praise the eminently cinematic narration of the title. In this sense, it seemed rather logical that the universe one day invest our screens. HBO is going to tackle this ambitious project.

When the world as you knew it no longer exists, when the line between good and evil becomes blurred, how far would you go to survive? When Joël crosses paths with Ellie, their journey across the United States will take a new turn. They will only be guided by one thing, their will to survive another day.

At the controls of this survival, the chain recruits a showrunner that it knows well. The task was given to Craig Mazin. He distinguished himself in 2019 with the mini-series Chernobyl. Here no nuclear disaster, but a pandemic caused by a fungus that takes control of its human hosts. He teamed up with Neil Druckmann to write the screenplay. The latter is no stranger to the world of video games since he worked as creative director on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. He should also direct an episode of the first season of The Last of Us.

To play the two main characters, HBO Max will draw on the side of Game Of Thrones. Thus, it is Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey who will respectively camp Joel and Ellie. Gabriel Luna (Marvel: Agents of SHIELD) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) are also announced at the casting. A few weeks ago, Craig Mazin announced the arrival of Storm Reid. The young actress will appear in the series in the skin of Riley.

Not before 2023

It had been rumored for several months that the series would be broadcast in 2022 on HBO. However, things may have been delayed according to Deadline. The director of content at HBO and HBO Max said: “It won’t air in 2022, they’re still filming in Canada. I imagine you will see it in 2023”. We will therefore have to take our troubles patiently.

However, the wait will be worth it according to Casey Bloys. “I’ve seen the first episodes and I’m very excited. Craig did Chernobyl for us, he’s a fantastic writer and director. What I saw looked amazing so I’m excited but it won’t be in 2022”. The adaptation of the Naughty Dog franchise is obviously under the pedal. enough to replace Game Of Thrones ? Not really according to Casey Bloys. “There is no next Game of Thrones. I’ve been around for quite a long time. What will be the next Sopranos, the next Game of Thrones and the now next Succession? There is no next Game of Thrones.”

If it is still difficult to know how the series will be received, we can imagine that the curious will be numerous. This is all the more true as The Last of Us benefits from a solid community of players.

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