The incredible feat of a mother: she tears her son from the clutches of a puma, “by a centimeter he is not saved”

Spanish singer Rachel del Rosario shared a terrible experience he suffered with his son who he was about to lose his life after being attacked by a cougar. “A few more millimeters and I would not have succeeded,” were the words of the doctor who treated the artist’s son.

Through her Instagram account, Raquel del Rosario related the incident that began by remembering the stress caused by being aware of the children. “I’ve always jokingly said that one day, my children’s guardian angels would resign due to stress. On the way to the hospital with Mael wounded in his arms, I wondered if he really his had abandoned him that morning of August 26 ”.

The singer narrated when her son Mael told her that day that he would go out to look for fruit in a tree, that scream and the image that he saw when looking towards where his son was was engraved when he saw how a cougar jumped on Mael and, lying on the ground, began to attack with claws with its sharp claws.

Raquel removed the cougar from her son with her own hands

“Even today I cannot understand how I crossed the garden in milliseconds or where the force that made me repeatedly hit the animal with my fists to get rid of it, “said the mother to try to save her little one.

Raquel managed to remove the cougar that was on her son and together with another companion they entered the house while a second cougar was approaching. Mael had to be operated on for wounds received by the feline.

My heart completely broke when I saw him come out of surgery. All the strength that had invaded me that morning disappeared, leaving me completely defenseless in the face of pain that I was completely unaware of. Fear came over me.

If someone had told me at that time seeing their status, that three days later he would run out of the hospital I would never have believed it, ”the singer shared.

After the sudden attack, Mael recovered from his injuries while the family reflects on life and the events that happen around that escape human comprehension. a precious loan of life, that his soul has its own plan to which we can only bestow love and dedication”.

Raquel del Rosario said that when she returned from the hospital, the neighbors gave them letters, gifts, food and other details. In addition, the authorities in charge of controlling and protecting wildlife were aware of his family. “Mael was fascinated and kept telling and staging how everything had happened. It is admirable how he has handled it and how quickly his wounds have healed“Concluded the woman who thanked her son for having survived the fierce attack of the feline.


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