The Intel ARC A350M graphics is fast: on par with the NVIDIA MX570!

Taking into account that we are talking about dedicated graphics chips and not an iGPU like the Irix Xe, it was to be expected from the blue giant that its specific GPUs would be faster than any existing model. The problem is that Intel itself had set the flag very high to face AMD and it was possible that its Xe as an iGPU were faster than the series that was presented a few days ago, but…

Intel ARC A350M performance, a good surprise

Before knowing the data, let’s do a preliminary review to understand what we are facing. Intel presented 5 GPUs for laptops of which only two will be marketed at the moment and the remaining three will take a few more months in time.

Among the 5, the A350M is the smallest, the one with the least features and the one that is destined to compete with the options based on GA107 by NVIDIA and Navi 24 by AMD, all with reduced consumption than in the case of Intel It will run between 25 watts and 35 watts depending on what each manufacturer wants.

models of graphics cards developed by intel for laptops

We are therefore faced with a GPU with 6 Xe cores that will include 768 shaders to his credit at a frequency of 1,150MHz, 4GB GDDR6 VRAM and a bus 64 bitbenefits that in 2022 are modest and that perfectly represent the entry range of any of the three competitors.

Fire Strike and Time Spy dictate sentence

What we are going to see below is the first direct comparison between the default and stock performance of this GPU against its performance mode, where in the image the first configuration represents the data on the left for both tests, while the performance mode of the Intel ARC A350M stays on the right side.

What we see is an increase in the performance of a 6% on average in Fire Strike and more than one 30% in Time Spy, a qualitative leap that shows how Intel and its GPU work in these terms. Although comparative values ​​are not offered here, we have found other data that highlights where the performance of this Intel ARC A350M will be comparatively speaking.

What is offered by Computer Base highlights that this card competes directly with the mid-range of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs for laptops, and even with the desktop range of two generations ago.

For now, in Time Spy it is already faster than the AMD 680M and the Intel Iris Xe of the i7-12700H and although the RTX 3080M and RX 6800M easily triple the score, we must bear in mind that we would be comparing a range of entry with the best of both companies.

Comparing pears to pears, this ARC A350M should have a performance very similar to the NVIDIA MX570, which was not expected at first. We will also have to wait to see more data to see if this statement is indeed true in games and not so much in tests.

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