The Intel Core 12 appear on Amazon, but if these are their prices …

We know that many of our readers are waiting to see what the performance of the next generation of Intel processors is to see whether or not to make the leap. Since it is not only a leap in performance, but also the adoption of a series of technologies that will be key in the coming years. From the first strong commitment to a hybrid core architecture to the adoption of matrix units and all this without forgetting the DDR5. Technologies that our PC applications will undoubtedly take advantage of in the following years.

Of course, the first barrier when buying is the price and so far the company founded by Gordon Moore has not officially confirmed it, but it turns out that we already have the Intel Core 12 priced in several Amazon stores in Europe . Will the prices be final?

Amazon Europe Filters Intel Core 12 CPU Prices

When those of Pat Gelsinger have not yet given information on the prices of their CPUs with Alder Lake-S architecture, in Amazon Europe they have been impatient and have begun to give prices for the first batch of CPUs, which we remember will be composed of six different models and depending on the country in Europe we are talking about, they have received different prices.

If we look at the different stores then the surprise comes to us from the outset with the i9-12900K that in the French store has received a price of € 919, on the other hand in the Dutch it is sold for € 847. Regarding the i7-12700K the price goes to us € 641 in the country of the tulips while the country of the cheeses to the € 636. To finish with the prices in Europe of the K series we find ourselves € 321 in France and € 324 in Holland.

Given that the European Union is a common market, it would be normal to think that the price is, but let’s not forget that the sales tax is different in each country of the common market and that is why these differences exist. The problem is that this tax is higher in the Netherlands than in France, so some of the prices that Amazon has given for the Intel Core 12 do not make sense if they were the recommended retail price plus taxes.

Are these prices that Amazon has put to the new Intel CPUs nonsense?

As for the rest of the prices that have been filtered in Europe, we have that the KF models have not received a price in Amazon Holland, but in France: the i9-12900KF by € 879.24, the i7-12700KF by € 436.01 and the i5-12600KF by € 403In any case the prices given by the French store are incredible nonsense.

To begin with, the difference between the K and KF models is that the former have the active integrated GPU, in the rest they are totally the same. It doesn’t make sense that 12600KF without GPU costs almost € 80 more expensive, but the biggest nonsense is the € 200 difference between the 12700K and the 12700KF. What do these data indicate? They have set a price for Intel waiting for theirs.

Intel Core 12 Amazon UK prices

And if we go to Amazon UK we are faced with the same kind of nonsense between the 12700K and the 12700KF. Although the price is in pounds sterling, it can be seen in the huge price difference between the two models, which is not justified, since they are literally the same chip, only with the inactive graphics and this does not give additional performance to justify said cost difference.

There are just a few weeks left for the launch of the new generation of Intel processors, so stay tuned to the official prices that the manufacturer will give, then you can already know if you have the budget to make the leap.

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