The iPhone 13 has not come out, but they already sell their cases!

We are just a few days away from finally knowing all the features that the new iPhone 13 will have. But details continue to trickle down the net with the appearance of the different cases that can be used with these devices. It must be taken into account that the manufacturers of this type of accessories they receive models in advance to be able to design the corresponding covers. This makes the design aspect to be confirmed, although it has already been highly commented these weeks by different analysts.

Brands start selling iPhone 13 cases

As we have previously commented, Apple usually sends mock-ups of its devices to the different case companies so that they can be manufactured. That is why days before the presentation of the new iPhone of the brand, it is customary to see how stores slip these covers on their web pages so that they can be purchased. The problem for Apple in this sense is that they end up ‘leaking’ the design specifications such as the measurements.

This is what has been seen in the ESR store where they have published a Classic transparent case compatible with iPhone 13. It is mainly highlighted that it is specially designed to be able to recharge the iPhone through MagSafe, a feature that was already known to have continuity. But the highlight in this regard is that in the image where the iPhone 13 case is shown, the device itself is also seen. The design that can be seen is the rear with the cameras in a diagonal position and the flash at one end. This is something to be expected since this new design has been appreciated in the different ones that have been published. That is why although it is not something totally new, it is always interesting to see an extra confirmation of what this team would be like.

Amazon also sells these new covers

But this is not the only store that has new cases for the iPhone 13 and all its variants. In the Amazon giant you can also find numerous sellers who have this type of covers in their catalogs. Keep in mind that different leaks have revealed that the iPhone 12 cases would not be fully compatible. This will cause a sales boom in this sector to be able to have the iPhone protected from the first moment. And there are many users who prefer to have the case before the iPhone itself so as not to expose it for a second.

Beyond the typical silicone cases, on Amazon you can find some that are much more resistant or with a different aesthetic. Although undoubtedly one of the great sought after is the transparent one that aims not to cover the design of the iPhone 13 but without sacrificing its resistance. And as for the price, although we are talking about an accessory for a device that has not yet been released on the market, it continues to maintain the same price as for other models.

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