The iPhone SE 4 could inherit the design of the iPhone 14

According to different information, Apple is working on the iPhone SE 4, a new smartphone that will come with interesting changes at the hardware level, and that will also launch a totally new design. The sources that we have been able to consult ensure that this smartphone it will “fit” no problem in an iPhone 14 casea very clear clue that allows us to deduce what will be that new design that it will display.

In effect, this means that the iPhone SE 4 will have the same design as the iPhone 14, a change that may seem too marked, especially considering that the iPhone SE 3 continues to use the design of the iPhone 8, but the truth is that It makes a lot of sense, and I’ll explain why.

On the one hand, it must be kept in mind that the entire iPhone 15 family is going to come with Dynamic Island, and that this will allow Apple to differentiate it from that iPhone SE 4 inspired by the iPhone 14, which will still have the trapezoidal notch at the top of the screen. On the other hand, it is important to note that by using this new design, the apple company will be able to clear stock of those components that it has accumulated from previous generation models that fit that design, such as the screen, for example, since in the end the iPhone 14 mounts the same panel as the iPhone 13.

At the level of construction quality we can expect the same combination, that is, an aluminum chassis and the double layer of glass (rear face and front face). As for the hardware, everything seems to indicate that the iPhone SE 4 will use a Apple A15 SoCwhich is the same as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, and which will be configured with 6 GB of RAM, although there is still nothing official in this regard, and it is possible that in the end it will come with only 4 GB of RAM .

Compared to the iPhone SE 3 (the 2022 model), its successor will have an all-screen design and a much slimmer line. more in line with the times, which will make it stop being an anachronism in the smartphone sector, it will have a much higher screen both by panel (OLED instead of IPS) and by resolution and quality in general, and it will also have a much more advanced camera configuration. Yes, I said cameras because if that iPhone SE 4 fits into an iPhone 14 case, it means that it will have a rear island with two cameras, and that these are probably identical to those of said terminal (12 MP main and 12 MP wide angle ).

Before I finish, I would like to remind you that according to some rumors, Apple could also choose the launch of the iPhone SE 4 to mount its first own 5G modem, and I think it is likely that it will also take advantage of said launch and the design change to raise its sale price. We don’t have concrete numbers, but I am convinced that it will exceed 600 euros.

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