The iPhone will measure the air quality in Spain very soon

Although most of the functionalities that the iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices incorporate are applicable to a multitude of devices around the world, the truth is that some are not available worldwide and are governed by a few territories. It is the case of air quality index, a function integrated some time ago in the United States and that officially has not yet reached countries like Spain, although there is less and less time for it to arrive. We will tell you all the details below.

The function will arrive in our country with iOS 14.7

Among the iOS 14 updates we have seen various additions that have completed the initial novelties of the operating system and although now we are already knowing what is new in iOS 15, the truth is that there are still some functions to be implemented, such as iOS. 14.7 and the aforementioned function for measure air quality. As has already been seen in the betas of that version, the function will reach Spain. France, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada.

This same week the fourth beta of this iOS 14.7 was launched and although there is no confirmed date for the launch to the general public, we can intuit that it will not be long. This will be one of the last updates to iOS 14 before 15, if not the last, so Apple is not in too much of a hurry to want to make it as stable as possible. In any case, and in view of its good functioning in beta, it would not be surprising that this July it finally arrived for the iPhone 6s and later.

How does air measurement work on iOS?

In The Bitten Apple we have been able to thoroughly test the iOS 14.7 betas and after several weeks we can already attest that the air quality functionality it works very efficiently. The first thing you should know is that it is not the iPhone as such that really measures it, but that it is based on data obtained from BreezoMeter, a service that has been offering this type of information with high precision for years.

The air quality information is integrated into the Weather app that is already installed as standard in the iPhone. It appears just below the temperature forecast for the next few days and is displayed in a color bar where a point is located. The further to the left this point is, the better air quality will be available. It is also accompanied by a legend in which it is specified how the air quality is:

air quality iphone ios 14.7

  • Extremely unfavorable
  • Very unfavorable
  • Unfavorable
  • Regular
  • Reasonably good
  • Good

Also below the aforementioned bar there is a direct link to the BreezoMeter website with which to find more information related to the air and other interesting factors such as the amount of pollen there is something very useful for allergy sufferers. It should be noted that you will not only be able to check the air quality of the location you are in, but of all those that you add to the weather app, so it can also be useful if you are planning a trip.

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