The Last of Us should have a season 2, according to its main actress

The first season of The Last of Us has barely begun and fans are already dreaming of a sequel. However, given the record audiences recorded by the series since its launch, it does not seem absurd to hope that HBO decides to produce a season 2. Good news: Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie on screen, is precisely from agrees.

Impossible to miss at the start of the year: the series The Last of Us grabs everything in its path. It must be said that the adaptation was expected at the turn by fans of the game, elevated to the rank ofcult work in the video game landscape, and that HBO has been able to meet expectations. Almost unanimously, the series is a masterpiece — at least, its first two episodes. Also, many of them hope that this first season will be entitled to a suite.

To these, Bella Ramsey has a ready-made solution. “If people keep watching, I think [qu’une seconde saison] is very likely”, she told our colleagues at the BBC. While specifying that “nothing is confirmed at the moment” and that, ultimately, the decision will of course be up to HBO. That being said, there is reason to be optimistic. As the actress who plays Ellie in the series points out, the audiences are looking good. And that’s the least we can say.

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The Last of Us season 2 isn’t confirmed, but it’s on its way

If relative success was expected for the series, it would have been difficult to predict the real box that it has done so far. The tone was set from the first episode, which quite simply propelled The Last of Us as the second-best start in HBO history, just behind House of the Dragon. A trend that was confirmed in the second episode, which allowed the series to increase its audience by 22%the best progression ever recorded by HBO.

Thus, on the audience side, the account is good. There remains the content, which should not be a problem either. Indeed, this first season adapts the events of the first game of the video game saga. There remains therefore its sequel, released in 2020, to give material to the authors of the series. One could even imagine a second season that would happen between the two games. Short, the possibilities exist. The cards are now in the hands of HBO.

Source : BBC

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