Mastercard will soon allow payment with a smile and a wave

Mastercard is currently developing a new and surprising means of payment: his smile. Rather than taking out your bank card at the checkout, it will soon be possible to place your face in front of a camera and then show your best smile to make the payment. The technology also works with a wave of the hand.

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For several years, Mastercard has sought to innovate in a sector that has long relied on its achievements. Of course, the company wants improve the security of your bank cards and plans to retire their magnetic tapes by 2024. But the latter is also interested in new technologies, as shown by its recent integration of cryptocurrencies into its system. With these new technologies, Mastercard is counting on revolutionize the banking industry.

This week, the firm is indeed testing a brand new program that promises to be debated. No more searching for your bank card lost in the bottom of your bag: Mastercard wants you to pay with your smile. For this, users will be able to stand in front of a camera placed at the checkout and smile, therefore, to proceed to payment. The system can also recognize hand signals.

Mastercard wants to revolutionize our payment methods

According to Mastercard, the benefits are multiple. First, this technology will allow speed up payments and, in fact, reduce queues. Then, the firm also puts forward the argument of hygiene, which inevitably hits the mark at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic continues to hit the whole world. Finally, still according to Mastercard, this new payment method would be much more secure than a conventional bank card.

But not everyone agrees with this last point. “A password can be changed, not your smile and wave. If biometric data is hacked, then the risk of fraudulent activity could be significantly higher than current payment methods”, says lawyer Suzie Miles. Not to mention concerns about Mastercard’s use of recovered biometric data.

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Anyway, the first tests are about to be launched in five supermarkets in São Paulo, Brazil. These will then spread throughout Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, before arriving, potentially, in our region of the globe. Mastercard claims to have received 74% positive responses about its new technology to users.

Source : The Guardian

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