The latest Steam Deck update will allow individual game performance tuning

After its long wait, it seems that the arrival of the Steam Deck is largely meeting user expectations, offering a complete PC experience, literally at our fingertips. Although nevertheless, there are still many aspects in which the console can improve, and Valve knows it.

And it is that the latest update released yesterday, brings us the option to create performance settings per game, which will allow us set and switch between individually customized performance profiles for each of our games, which will be accessible by simply pressing a button through the quick access menu of the console.

A function with which we can optimize features like refresh rate and frames per secondthus optimizing not only the experience of each game, but also the autonomy of the console. And it is that although there will be games for which we seek to maximize performance, such as Elden Ring, which should run at 40 fps with a refresh rate of 40 Hz; The wide catalog of games compatible with the Steam Deck allows us to access other games with lower characteristics and requirements, which we can reduce to settings of 10 fps and a consumption of 5 watts, being able to double the hours of play.

And it is that as they show us from Digital Foundry, the adjustable refresh rate and the fan curve of the update allow us to get significantly more out of the Steam Deck.

In addition, in the event that we are unable to adjust these settings adequately, or that we only want to take advantage of this optimization for a certain moment (such as a trip), we will always have the ability to turn this feature on and off at any timebeing able to reapply the global configuration of the system.

Practically since its launch, this has been one of the most requested features by users, and although it will certainly be appreciated, we can’t help but want more. There are currently no advanced options for these profiles, such as automatically applying or disabling them when the Steam Deck is connected to power, or the ability to save and share these profiles with the community.

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