Squid Game: a season 3 is well and truly in discussion with Netflix

While a second season of Squid Game is already in the works, the creator of the phenomenon series of the year has confirmed that discussions with Netflix are underway for the production of a third season.

Credit: Netflix

Unless you’ve spent the last few months away from your TV, you must have heard of Squid Game phenomenon. The South Korean series has become in the space of a season one of the most popular shows on the streaming platform. It’s very simple, this global television sensation blew up all counters.

Since its launch on September 17, 2021, Squid Game has become number one in over 90 countries where Netflix is ​​available. It also became the most-watched Netflix series of all time, with a total of 1.65 billion hours of streaming in the first four weeks of its release. In terms of profits, the Squid Game tidal wave earned Netflix as much as $ 1 billion.

This global success has also allowed Squid Game to stand out and win a number of prizes and nominations at prestigious ceremonies such as the Gotham Awards or the Golden Globe. Hailed by its peers, the series has been emulated everywhere, whether on YouTube like this video which reproduces the events of the show in real conditions, or in schoolyards. For the worse unfortunately on this point, given that the pupils had fun reproducing the unhealthy games of the series.

Squid Game will be back for a 2nd and 3rd season

Regarding the future of the show, its creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk has already confirmed the production of a second season. He assured that he was already in “the planning process now ”. The story will obviously be centered on the continuation of the (mesa) adventures of Seong Gi-Hun, the main character of the series.

But that’s not all, since the showrunner has just confirmed that discussions are underway with Netflix for the start of a third season. “I am in talks with Netflix about season 2 as well as season 3. We will be able to conclude shortly ”, he told South Korean broadcaster KBS. You have been warned!

Source: KoreaTimes

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