The Liar: Jeff Goldblum joins the cast

Jeff Goldblum, unforgettable Ian Malcom of Jurassic Park, has joined the cast of The Liar, alongside Asa Butterfield. The film will be a film adaptation of the semi autobiographical novel by Stephen Fry.

Directed by Tony Hagger, the film will be a funny comedy halfway between reality and fiction set in the University of Cambridge.

Jeff Goldblum will be a Cambridge professor on The Liar

After Asa Butterfield, Charles Dance And Rupert Everett, also Jeff Goldblum joined the cast of the film The Liar.

The film directed by Tony Hagger will tell a “LGBTQ + teen espionage story that will describe the irreverent and reckless life of Adrian Healey, while struggling with his study and university of Cambridge. It will be there that Adrian will meet the mysterious professor Trefusis, who could be a spy and could have recruited him for a mission“.

Self Butterfield will play Adrian, a Goldblum will be entrusted with the role of Prof. Donald Trefusis, which will allow him to instill in the character one of his excellent interpretations.

Jeff Goldblum

Stephen Fry, writer of the novel on which the film is based, said of Goldblum’s hiring: “I jumped for joy when I heard that Jeff Goldblum had accepted the role of Donald Trefusis. That unique and perfect blend of authority, eccentricity, wit, humor and charm is just what the character requires.“.

Director Hagger also added: “It will be exciting for me to work with a true Hollywood legend, who will bring the perfect and bizarre mystery around the role of Trefusis. I can’t wait to see Asa and Jeff work together, it’s going to be very special and a lot of fun.

Producer Guy de Beaujeu also wanted to have his say on the film: “Tony’s script has captivated everyone who has read it, and his vision of the film is quirky, clever and well crafted, just like Stephen’s brilliant source material. The Liar promises to be one of the must-see comedy films of 2022“.

We will see if the producer is right, even if we are sure that a role like that of Prof. Trefusis could not fail to go to an actor of the caliber of Jeff Goldblum.


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