The Mental Sports Olympics are about to begin

Starting from tomorrow, Friday 13 August, the 2021 Mental Sports Olympics, the largest competitive board game event.

We have now reached the twenty-fifth edition of these particular Olympics.

The Mental Sports Olympics begin

The Mental Sports Olympics (much more cacophonous translation of the original name Mind Sports Olimpiad) will keep starting from 13th August until next 5th September. Unlike the “classic” Olympics, this event is held every year, and it is possible to register for free and participate in online competitions.

Each participant receives points based on the games won, which can be held on different platforms, such as game-specific apps or BoardGameArena. At the end of the event, the players with the highest score are awarded the title of World Champions in 5 different categories.

The different “disciplines”, borrowing the term, are really numerous and varied. They range from simpler and faster titles, such as Kingdomino and Perudo, to real board game monsters, such as Agricola, Twilight Struggle and Go.

After the last one, this is the second edition to be held online. Even if this takes away a bit of the charm of an event like this, it means that everyone can participate comfortably, and safely, from home.

If anyone would like to participate, they can register for individual events directly from the event calendar page. And good luck! Maybe you will be the forty-first Italian Olympic medalist of 2021!

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