The most incredible mods in Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the indicators that a video game has been a success is the number of mods around it. A community satisfied with a game is usually quite inclined to create content for that game, whether the developer of the title wants it or not. Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the greatest successes of Rockstar Games, and although they are not usually very fans of people playing their games, the truth is that there is a huge amount of very interesting mods for this game if you have the PC version. These are some of the best:

graphic mods

Every good game worth its salt ends up being boosted by mods that make the most of the graphics. And RDR2 could not be for less. there are many graphic mods for this Rockstar Games title, but these three are the best:

Photorealistic ReShade

photorealistic reshade rdr2.jpg

This mod affects almost nothing to the performance of the game, because it is quite well optimized. Photorealistic ReShade improves colors, tone mapping, shadows, and overall sharpness of scenes.


Vestigia is one of the most recent additions to Red Dead Redemption 2. The idea of ​​this mod is to substantially improve the atmospheric phenomena and the effects associated with them. A good way to give the game realism by substantially improving elements such as fog, blizzards or even the effect of the wind.


This last graphic mod that we are going to show you is a creation of the user DubStepZz. Basically, his goal has been to go even a little further than what we have seen in the first mod. The game looks amazingly good with its shader pack when rendered at high resolution. Of course, on this occasion, the computer that the modder is using to move the game can not be said to be cheap.

gameplay mods

If you got tired of playing this title or are looking to give a different touch to your gameshere are a few mods that can completely revolutionize the way you play:

Hot air balloon

balloon mod rdr2.jpg

The story of Red Dead Redemption 2 it’s set in 1899, and the airplane wasn’t invented until a few years later. Does it mean then that we are left without seeing the game map from above? Well no, because the Hot Air Balloon mod is going to offer us the possibility of ascending to the top on a hot air balloon.

play like an animal

mod animals rdr2.jpg

And no, we are not referring to the barbarities that you can do in the game. If you get bored of carrying Arthur, you can use mods to change your point of view and become any NPC. And this is when being an animal makes sense. Do balloon rides give you vertigo? Then try to be an eagle. This process can be done with various mods. One is Switch Models and the other is Lenny’s Simple Trainer.

slow motion

If you are a fan of Matrix effects, this mod is made for you. Simple Slow Motion lets you put the game on slow motion so you can enjoy the physics of the game engine. In addition, the mod has a special function, Deadeye, which is used to view firefights in a unique way. The effect does not enter automatically, but we will have to activate it ourselves by pressing a key.

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