The mysterious disappearance of the “Licenciado”: no one knows where the boss who sank “Chapo” Guzmán and Emma Coronel is

The world of drug trafficking has been around for so many years that there are various characters who made themselves known in Mexico and the United States for their criminal acts. It is the case of Dámaso López Núñez “The Graduate”, former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel after the capture of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, against whom he testified in a Brooklyn court, is one of the most notorious. Now it became known that his information disappeared from the prison system of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

Notably “Graduate”, who was a protected witness, revealed crimes committed by Guzman It was, as well as the complicity of his wife Emma Colonel, who will be sentenced on November 30 for drug trafficking, during her escape from the Altiplano Prison in the State of Mexico.

The offender had already been sentenced to life imprisonment in 2018 in a court of Virginia, but later it was announced that he could go free in 2032, a possibility that was opened by his cooperation. Until then he was held in Pennsylvania, in a maximum security prison called Canaan.

The information on Dámaso López Núñez “El Licenciado” disappears

Randilee Giamusso, a spokesman for the BOP, indicated that he could not find information on “El Licenciado” within the inmate locator. However, he did not explain what happened, his location, transfer, or agency that would have taken his custody, according to Univision.

It should be noted that last year, Lopez Nunez was in the custody of the US Marshals; however, Lynzey Donahue, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s service assured that according to their database it is not found in this place. Likewise, it is unknown whether the sentence reduction was actually applied to him.

“El Licenciado”, responsible for the arrest of Emma Coronel?

Being a protected witness, “El Licenciado” pointed to the sentimental partner of “Chapo”, Emma Colonel, to coordinate the escape through the tunnel in the Altiplano. Being a close collaborator, it was natural that he had valuable information on all the movements of the criminal group, as well as on each member.

This is how on February 2 she was detained at Dulles International airport, in Virginia, United States, and transferred to the Alexandria Detention Center.

With information from Univision


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