The mythical Operation Wolf returns with a version for virtual reality

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR

What was one of the best arcade shooters of the 80s returns in a completely renewed way in virtual reality format. And it is that from the hand of Microids and Virtuallyz Gaming comes the new Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VRa great version for virtual reality that teleports us to those wonderful years of guns and tube screens.

Operation Wolf with virtual reality

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR

The arcade game that TAITO launched in 1987 returns 36 years later to offer the new generations the chance to infiltrate the jungle with the sole objective of ending the illegal operations being carried out by a criminal organization. Thanks to the magic of virtual reality, we will have the chance to put ourselves in the shoes of the special agent who will infiltrate the mission.

Compatible with PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2, Steam VR and Pico 4the game It will arrive on July 13.and will surprise you with its new artistic direction in a cartoon format, which is very reminiscent of another VR shooter such as Crisis VRigade.

Campaign and survival mode

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR

The game will offer a campaign made up of a total of 6 levels in which we will have to progress to finish off General Viper’s gang. You will have to infiltrate the base, dismantle the organization, destroy a secret weapon and free the hostages that are captured in the camp.

There will also be a survival mode where you have to endure endless waves of enemies while staying equipped to the teeth. Among the weapons we will find submachine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers and many more.

Perfect for launching the Oculus Quest 3

Meta Quest 3

Now that we know that the oculus quest 3 will hit stores in the fall, this Operation Wolf may be one of those games with which to release the glasses. It is true that the game will be available long before the new Meta viewer, but considering that the entire Quest 2 catalog is compatible with the new model, there will be no problem installing it later than its launch.

Also on consoles without VR

Not everyone has a virtual reality headset, so for that reason, the creators of Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR have also thought of releasing a non-VR version that will be available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, Xbox Series S and PC. It will arrive on PlayStation and Switch in physical format, while on Xbox and PC it will arrive exclusively in digital format. Both releases will take place in the fall, so we will have to wait a little longer for the virtual reality version.

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