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One of the rumors that have been on the table for a long time and that practically everyone took for granted, is that iOS 17 was going to be a version in which Apple was going to introduce very few new features due to the change in the app store that it has. what to do Well, fortunately inside this cave there is some light, and in this case it has been shed by Mark Gurman. Keep reading that we will tell you everything in detail.

As we have told you, the hopes that were with iOS 17 were not very high, and it is that on numerous occasions, Apple analysts as well as the media that usually have access to the company’s leaks took it for granted that iOS 17 was really going to be a transition version for two main reasons. The first of them was and is the great effort that Apple is making in the development of the famous glasses, which has caused the development of iOS 17 to be less effective. On the other hand, there is also the imposition of the European Union to make Apple, in iOS 17, have to allow within its operating system the fact of be able to download third-party applications that are not in the App Storea very big change and which consumes a lot of development resources.

iOS 17 will not be as we thought, fortunately

Well, when all seemed lost, one of the great analysts of the Cupertino company has arrived to shed some light on the future of iOS and Apple. It has been the prestigious Mark Gurman who has informed and affirmed that Apple’s plans regarding iOS 17 have changed considerablyand it is that at first from Cupertino they did have that intention that we have told you about, to make iOS 17 a version that would provide much more stability and security to the iPhone, without really remarkable news.

As reported by Gurman, in the midst of development, Apple has completely changed its mind and now we can know that The Cupertino company is going to introduce functions in iOS 17 that users have been asking for for a long time And that, of course, will delight all those who have a compatible iPhone, or who buy one of the new iPhone 15, which will already come with iOS 17 installed.


It is undoubtedly about great news which gives great hope in order to be able to enjoy a new version, not only very stable and efficient, but also the innovations that iPhone users expect every year, and that Apple has always accustomed us to offering. Now, at the moment it has not been leaked nor is it known which of these novelties that users request so much will end up reaching the iPhone operating system, so surely from now on we will begin to know much more details than what is already known. It can come in September with this great update that Apple is preparing. However, as we always say, it is nothing more than a rumor, from an analyst who is very reliable, yes, but it is still that, a rumor with which one must be careful.

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