This serious Skype bug exposes the public IP of any contact, be very careful

It is a vulnerability It affects Skype mobile apps. The flaw makes it possible to discover a user’s IP address. This can endanger anyone, since it is information that should be protected and if it ends up in the wrong hands, it could mean suffering from cyber attacks and data loss.

Vulnerability in Skype

A security researcher, known as Yossi, has been the one who has discovered this Skype flaw. Quickly, once he saw that it could be exploited, he contacted Microsoft so that they could take action and fix it as soon as possible. The exact details of this problem have not been made public at this time. The reason is clear: no patches yet and, therefore, it would make it easier for potential hackers to exploit it.

But how exactly does this vulnerability work? This flaw would allow an attacker to send a message with a link and get the ip address like this of the victim. Basically, you need the victim to open that message. The problem is that it doesn’t need you to click the link. Unlike other attacks, it requires no further interaction than simply opening that message. You will not have to download anything, or enter any link.

As you can see, it is a vulnerability that makes it quite easy for an attacker to obtain a user’s IP address. This, although it may seem that it is not very important, could end up expose privacy. It could harm people who want to keep their location private, without them knowing where they are.

Skype connection problems

avoid the problem

The option of using a VPN to hide the real IP and, in this way, not to be a victim of this Skype attack. However, as the security researcher behind this discovery points out, using a VPN tool is not going to help hide the real IP address of the recipient. Therefore, it is not an option.

Microsoft is expected to release some update to correct the problem. Until that happens, the only real option to stay protected is to avoid using the Skype mobile app. If you think you could become a victim of this type of attack and you don’t want your IP address to be exposed, this is the only solution.

As soon as a patch is available, all you have to do is update the app. It is essential to always keep the software we use in our day to day up to date. This helps to correct errors of this type, in addition to obtaining certain improvements to ensure that the operation is optimal.

As you can see, there is a vulnerability that affects the skype security. This is a bug that allows an attacker, through a message sent by the mobile application, to obtain the IP address of any user. There are messaging programs to use without a SIM, so there are very varied alternatives.

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