The pandemic reduced printing services in Spain by 80%, which has already recovered

Spain is already in print volumes where he was before the outbreak of the pandemic. Good news that reflects a great effort in the recovery, since our country experienced one of the largest falls in all of Europe, with a decrease of 80% compared to 60% of the continental average.

In addition, according to a Toshiba study, Spain currently registers a print volume slightly higher than the European average, where the recovery trend to pre-pandemic levels is also consolidating, in a generalized way.

Toshiba has carried out its analysis based on the data provided by more than 3,200 clients in Europe, of which 39% are companies with more than 100 workers who use printing and document management systems on a regular basis for the development of their business.

Toshiba, which has also analyzed the impact of the pandemic on the use of the functions of its multifunctional equipment, points out that the use of scanning / digitization has doubled its use in Europe compared to 2019, when it was already the most used, ahead of the printing and copying, in this order.

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In the case of our country, the use of the scanning function is slightly lower than the average, although with great expectations of growth in the next twelve months, according to Toshiba’s forecasts.

Forecast to continue growing in 2022

Along the same lines, Toshiba estimates that print volumes will continue to grow in 2022, as well as the digitization of documents and access to digitized documentation. Specifically, the company points out as the main cause of this growth the increase in the digitization processes of companies, including the implementation of cloud services, both for printing from any device over the internet and to access documentation hosted in the cloud and due to the digitization processes of companies.

Finally, and with regard to the installed park of multifunction equipment, Toshiba’s analysis shows that it has remained flat as the replacement market predominated during the health crisis.

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