The price of exclusive Xbox Series games will rise in 2023

It was never cheaper to play, and neither more. And so it will continue, not from below, where the ground has already been touched, but from above, and it is that one thing is the offers and another the launch titles, give it triple A exclusives, of the next generation consoles. Indeed, it is the turn of Microsoft and its Xbox.

The turn of what, you ask? The turn to upload its great exclusive games to the new price standard that the sector is setting for itself: from the traditional 59.99 dollars / euros to 69.99 dollars / euros that companies like Sony, Electronic Arts and others have been charging for their most outstanding titles for a couple of years now. That at least, eye.

The rise of yore was raised some time ago and, with greater or lesser decision, more and more companies are applying it. Now it is the turn of Microsoft, which was reluctant to hit the Xbox Series, who knows if only to hurt sales, or also if it could scratch some ground for PlayStation.

Be that as it may, those of Redmond are preparing to join the upward trend and anticipate a general increase in the prices of triple A games exclusive to Xbox Series that come out after 2023starting with titles like Forza Motorsport, redfall Y Starfield.

As confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson to IGN, “this price reflects the content, scale and technical complexity of these titles«; to immediately throw the bait: “As with all games developed by our teams on Xbox, they will also be available with Game Pass the same day they are released.” Is Game Pass really unsustainable?

You already know: with the arrival of the new year and the exclusive games that appear for the Xbox Series, the exclusive ones with a large budget and circulation, it is understood, you will have to scratch your pocket a little more, about 10 dollars / euros, to be more exact . It will be that or pay the 9.99 or 12.99 dollars / euros per month that the subscription costs, depending on the plan that interests you.

But note that when we say that the 70 euros is what the launch games will cost at least, it is as is. There are PS5 titles that are going up to 80 euros… and they are not the only ones. Of course, it is not necessary to always be up to date, buying new generation hardware and software. There is much life beyond.

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