The price of laptops could go up by the end of the year

Bad news, sources within the Taiwanese distribution chain, one of the most important in the world, assure that the price of laptops could go up considerably at the end of this year, information that, a priori, seems to make no sense since the price of numerous components, such as graphics cards, is showing a significant downward trend, but the truth is that it has an explanation, and it is very convincing, as we shall see.

The two most important reasons that could end up giving rise to this increase in the price of laptops are the Russian invasion of Ukraineand also him spike in COVID-19 cases in Shenzhen, Chinawhich has generated new closures of numerous factories that are key to the production of components used in different technological devices, and also in others that deal directly with the assembly and assembly of equipment.

Among the names of the companies that have been affected by those closures are giants like Foxconn which, as many of our readers will know, is responsible for the production of numerous technological products that are consumed internationally. The most popular that leaves its facilities is, without a doubt, the Apple iPhone.

On the other hand, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia could affect the price of laptops because, as we already told you in MuyComputer Pro, it has had a huge impact on the production of neon gas, which is used in the manufacture of semiconductors. In the end, if we unite both keys, we realize that the notices of this possible increase in laptop prices make a lot of sense, and as we anticipate, they will take place in the second half of this year.

Tips so that you are not affected by this possible increase in the price of laptops

If you need to get a laptop, the best thing you can do right now is to take advantage of the offers that are available on many models. If you wait, cYou run the risk of finding yourself with that price increase at the end of the year, and that may continue even with the arrival of the new generation of laptop CPUs and GPUs. If that happens, you’ll end up in a pretty tough position.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the generational renewal of CPUs and GPUs for laptops is still at least a year away. This data should serve as a reference point to decide what best suits your current needs. If you are not in a hurry to buy a laptop, and you are clear that you will be able to wait at least a yearthen you have quite a bit of wiggle room, but if not you should consider buying a team in the short term.

We do not have specific data that indicates to what extent the price of laptops could rise, but seeing the information that has appeared so far, I think that we would be facing a considerable increase, and that it would be similar to what we saw months ago. At that time some teams came to have a surcharge of between 30% and 50%.

Right now there are very interesting options for gaming for less than a thousand euros, although if you have doubts I recommend that you consult this guide. We can also find very competent ultralight equipment, designed for office automation and education, with prices around between 500 and 700 eurosso that said, if you need to get one I would not think too much about it.

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