The product that Apple is going to present and that nobody expected

Apple’s product catalog is really large, however, one where it has only two options for users to choose between is in the monitors section, where it entered a long time ago but in which Apple has never stood out for having one. great variety of options. Well, that is about to change, since according to Gurman those from Cupertino have surprises for 2023. Keep reading that we will tell you.

Apple is going to launch new monitors in 2023

One of the new products that we will have in this 2023 will be apple monitorsand it is that as reported by the great analyst Mark Gurman through his popular newsletter, is that those of Cupertino are working intensely in improving the features that both the Studio Display, which is the latest Apple monitor to hit the market, and the famous Pro Display XDR have today.

desktop pro display xdr

The first thing to note is that Apple’s plans include including the silicon chipsthat is, the own processors within these screens, in fact, the Studio Display has the A13 Bionic chip inside. What is not entirely clear is the movement that Apple will make with its new screens and with those it already has on the market, since, according to reports, the popular Mac Pro would be more advanced in its development than the new version of the Pro. Display XDR, which would surely need a renovation to, at least, include a camera like its little sister, the Studio Display, has.

But be careful, because this may be the most affected by the company’s next launch, because let’s remember that the screen industry consultant Ross Young already predicted that in early 2023 Apple was going to launch a new monitorthat would have a 27-inch screen with mini-LED technology. Let’s remember that the Studio Display also has these dimensions, so it would be rare for Apple to offer two monitors of the same size. In addition, this new hypothetical display would also have ProMotion technologyTherefore, in terms of specifications, it would be clearly superior to the Studio Display, which may actually be an improved version that will have a higher price and that, in theory, would not compete within the same market niche.

Studio Display

However, as we always say, these are nothing more than rumors that will become clearer as time goes by and more details become known about the plans that Apple has prepared for this 2023 and, specifically, for the offer of monitors that they plan to have. Of course, as they say in these cases, when the river sounds, water carries, and of course it would be great news if those from Cupertino really entered the world of monitors, offering high-quality alternatives at a reasonable price. something more restrained compared to what both the Studio Display and the Pro Display XDR currently have.

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