The revolutionary factor that brings quantum computing closer to the PC

There is no doubt that quantum computing is one of the potential futures of computing, but for it to be a commercially viable reality, different barriers must be overcome. Well, one of them known as Full Spin Qubit has finally been overcome, so little by little this new way of understanding computing is taking shape to reach the PC in the future.

Current computing is composed of logic gates in which each bit can be in two different positions that we represent as 0 or 1 as it is a binary system. Qubits go beyond this paradigm and promise to change the foundations of computing through concepts that come from a discipline of science: quantum physics.

Spin Qubit Advances Quantum Computing

There are two challenges when it comes to scaling quantum processors, the first of which is the number of qubits they can work with, while the second has to do with the coherence between them, which is key to achieving the greatest number of operations. simultaneous at the same time.

Well, a giant step has been taken to solve the second problem, since a team from the University of Copenhagen has designed a quantum computing system that allows all qubits to perform operations at the same time without coherence quantum between them is affected. For this they have designed a new type: Spin Qubit.

In the words of Anasua Chatterjee, one of the research team leaders:

Now that we have a few good qubits, we have to connect them in circuits that allow us to operate with a large number of them at the same time, while being complex enough to correct for quantum errors in the calculation. Until now, research on qubits has reached the point where we have circuits with arrays of 2 × 2 or 3 × 3 qubits. The problem is that they could only work with one qubit at a time.

The prototype chip they have built to demonstrate their advances is not made of silicon, but of another semiconductor material called Gallium Arsenic. The configuration of the chip is as follows: in the middle of the four qubits there is a quantum interconnection that intercommunicates each qubit with the others and that can be used to vary the state of each one of them.

A very forward-looking technology

Unfortunately, there is no lime without one of sand and in terms of quantum computing we continue without an advance that allows us to go beyond the equivalent of quantum logic gates, since it is necessary for more complex structures to build the equivalents of combinational and sequential circuits basic.

This is not why we should underestimate the progress that has been achieved, and that is because the Spin Qubits have solved a problem that has been a nightmare for researchers not for years, but for entire decades and it was something that had to be solved before going. to much more complex structures.

So we are facing a giant step, hopefully the day will come when we see the first complete CPU built through quantum computing.

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