The Rubius will have an exclusive series on Binge, the Netflix of video games

Rubius Checkpoint

With the name of Rubius Checkpoint, Binge will bring to its catalog a series developed by the Spanish production company Noob, which is in charge of both the production and development of this exclusive content that will be available from next year. At the moment they have not given any type of detail related to the series itself, so we do not know for sure what content it will deal with and what style it will have, although from Binge he assures that it will take “gamer curiosity to a new level”.

We must remember that El Rubius has a legion of followers of no less than 40 million on YouTube, 10 million on Twitch and 17 million on Twitter, so the amount of public that it is capable of moving is at least disturbing.

What is Binge?

Binge will be the next content streaming service that will reach all types of devices from 2022. At the moment there is no exact date of its launch, but it is expected to happen sometime next year, offering a large amount of content focused on video games. And that will be its hallmark, productions inspired and focused on video games that attract an important sector of the public, which has already shown to be interested in this type of content after successes such as some Netflix productions (with The Witcher, for example).

Binge and BYTZ, a couple to consider

Binge streaming

In addition, Binge will make use of a cryptocurrency call BYTZ, which is already in motion and we can use it in the service, being able to even generate coins by simply consuming content from the service. It is a combination of which not much is known yet, but whose collaboration is official and about which much more has yet to be told.

What movies and series will Binge have?

At the moment the list of official contents is summarized in two: Driver, with the Ubisoft seal, and Rubius Checkpoint. They are two simple productions for now, but considering the level, there is no doubt that Binge arrives with a tremendous backing very unusual in services so young. We are sure that we are going to see many more surprises around this service, so if you are a video game lover, you better not get too distracted and do not lose track of Binge.

The interesting thing is that the rest of the industry is moving a lot in this regard, and among the rest of the protagonists, Netflix stands out, which has managed to get several licenses to give life to series and movies inspired by video games. It seems that the panorama has become very interesting for lovers of consoles.

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