The Samsung Jet Bot AI + is the Tesla of robot vacuum cleaners

Samsung Jet Bot AI +

Samsung Jet Bot AI +

Although it was first presented at CES 2021, Samsung is already presenting the launch of its new robot vacuum cleaner worldwide. We are looking at the first robot vacuum cleaner with stereo 3D sensors, since it has two sensors at its ends to broadly scan its surroundings. To be exact, it is capable of identifying objects up to 1 meter away and with a viewing angle of 60 degrees horizontally and 40 degrees vertically.

Thanks to your 3D depth camera, it will recognize obstacles with sizes up to 1 centimeter, so it will be able to avoid obstructions with objects that it should not be vacuuming.

An intelligent robot

As if that were not enough, this Jet Bot AI + has an artificial intelligence system offered by Intel, capable of recognizing objects and determining the suction path depending on whether it is going to find children’s toys, delicate pieces such as porcelain vases or even pet droppings. You no longer have to worry about untangling the vacuum cleaner wires, as this model will identify and avoid them.

In addition, thanks to the included LiDAR sensor, the vacuum cleaner will be able to create patterns in rooms and corridors even in flat darkness, so there will be no problem vacuuming in darker or dimly lit rooms.

An extremely complete team

The Jet Bot AI + arrives accompanied by a collection station that is responsible for emptying the main tank of the vacuum cleaner and storing all the collected dust in a 2.5-liter bag, in order to be able to continue vacuuming more times and not be so pending emptying the vacuum cleaner.

Its digital inverter motor makes the most of the suction capacity, but also the system determines what power to apply depending on the area in which it is cleaning. All the captured dust will be retained thanks to a 5-layer filter that traps 99.99% of the microscopic dust, being able to capture particles from 0.5 to 4.2 nicras.

When can it be purchased?

According to Samsung, this robot vacuum cleaner will hit stores this June, and although it cites the United States and Europe as areas where it will arrive immediately, we will have to wait for news from Samsung Spain to see if the product will reach stores of the country, since at the moment the official website only shows broom-type models.

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