The screen of the new MacBook Pros can be adjusted to your liking

In a computer as powerful and as well built as the new MacBook Pro presented a few days ago, the ability to adjust as the user wants could not be lacking. We have read the ability to adjust the fans, the power and now it is time to know how the user can calibrate and adjust the screen of the new laptops to the taste of the consumer. Even with a super fine adjustment to have everything as we want.

We already know the capabilities of Pro Display XDR displays. They come with multiple reference mode options, allowing users to change specific display color settings to suit their workflow. Knowing this, we now understand better why by presenting a screen Liquid Retina XDR The new MacBook Pro 2021, which has similar specifications to Apple’s more expensive screen, we can have the same reference modes for laptops.

These two new models include several reference modes that They cover typical content creation workflows on various types of media. These modes can be used to adjust the screen for different types of media, so professionals can see how content will look on other screens and color profiles.

Each reference mode sets the color space, white point, gamma, and brightness of the screen. By default, the MacBook Pro 2021 comes with the “Apple XR Display” mode set, which supports a high color gamut (DCI-P3) and up to 1,600 nits. Other modes include “Apple Display” which restricts brightness to 500 nits, “HDR Video” based on the P3-ST 2084 format used for 4K video productions. Also “Internet and Web” to display colors based on sRGB instead of DCI. P3.

For really specific uses, Apple has also added the option to change screen fine-tuning calibration settings, allowing users to adjust by measuring a white image for accurate calibration.

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