The sustainable industry based on data is installed in Extremadura

Extremadura is consolidated as a national benchmark in attracting data-driven sustainable industry. The recently celebrated ‘Investor Day Extremadura’ has served as a framework to present the opportunities in the region to attract sustainable datacenters as part of the regional executive’s commitment to promote business and growth opportunities around five strategic sectors: agro-industrial, renewable energy, containers and packaging, logistics and technology /software factory.

One of the examples of attraction is that of Ingenostrum, which will invest 1,300 million euros until 2030 to build the first carbon neutral data center in the European Union. To achieve carbon neutrality, the project will resort to different solutions such as the construction of an artificial lake and two photovoltaic plants, one for self-consumption of the data center and another with greater capacity that could supply additional renewable energy.

Extremadura has several competitive advantages to attract investment in data centers, thanks to the existence of land prepared to undertake these investments and the existence of energy resources such as water and sun that allow companies to have electricity at a marginal cost and meet the objective of the European Commission to make the sector carbon neutral by 2030.

Among the advantages of Extremadura to facilitate these objectives are:

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Sustainable energy consumption

Extremadura currently produces 27% of all photovoltaic energy in Spain and has a sustainable energy surplus (generates 8.04% of electricity in Spain and consumes 1.88%) to which is added a biomass potential of more than four million tons per year, as well as the electrical capacity of two nuclear reactors.

Physical security

Extremadura has the experience of the most demanding facilities in terms of safety: the Almaraz nuclear power plant. After carrying out extensive and detailed studies on the topography of the site, the results concluded the suitability of the chosen place, due to its seismic-tectonic, geological, hydrological and climatic characteristics. What makes the region a guarantee to guarantee the operability and level of service in the event of natural disasters.

Low latency and high bandwidth

Extremadura has a city connection network with high bandwidth and low latency thanks to the ability to connect with the main telecommunications providers. In addition, it has POPs from regional, national and international academic networks. Connections can be made from north to south and from east to west using the existing channelizations on the highways that cross the region.

Infrastructures and technological networking

The community has a group of small highly qualified technology companies in areas such as software development or advanced computing, with large software development multinationals installed in the Science and Technology Park of Extremadura, as well as with support organizations and scientific infrastructures associated with the sector. Additionally, the University of Extremadura has research groups specializing in software engineering, electrical and electronic power systems, robotics and automation, among others.

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