The Switch is selling less well than expected, Nintendo is still revising its forecasts downwards

In the third quarter, Nintendo still posted good financial results. All this despite the economic crisis that is looming against the background of a shortage of electronic components. On the other hand, the Japanese giant had to revise its claims downward concerning the sales of its various Switch models.

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The Japanese giant declares a turnover of 2.38 billion euros for an operating result of €809.6 million, which corresponds to growth of 15.9% and 18.5% respectively compared to last year. According to economists, these good results are largely attributable to the weak value of the yen, but also to the success of Splatoon 3 and game sales outside of Japan.

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However, all is not rosy for Nintendo: Switch sales are even worse than expected. So much so that the firm is revising its already pessimistic sales forecasts downwards for the year 2022. The portable console should only sell 19 million units rather than 21 million. Not enough to disturb projected annual profits of €3.4 billion and an estimated turnover of €11.25 billion.

Despite very good sales, Nintendo revises sales forecasts for the Switch downwards

The Switch had broken the sales records of the PS1 and Wii at the start of 2022. Despite this success, Nintendo officials believed that this trend would not continue during the year. Electronic components were running out, making them more expensive, and diminishing the prospect of making a profit. The effects of this shortage will not have been as serious as anticipated. In the ambient gloom, sales of the Switch are doing quite well. 3.35 million Switch model OLED consoles were sold, the standard Switch sold 2.23 million copies, while the Switch Lite found 920,000 buyers. All ranges combined, Nintendo sold 6.68 million consoles.

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Remember that even if the Switch is the best-selling console at the moment, it is not not on the podium of the best-selling consoles in the world. Its sisters, the Gameboy (standard and Color) occupy third place with 119 million consoles sold in total. The Nintendo DS is second, at 154 millionwhile the PlayStation 2 is ahead of it by a million units.

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