5 movies that Nintendo could make after the success of Super Mario The Movie

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That Nintendo is a money-making machine is something we already knew beforehand. It doesn’t matter if the company starts developing video games, molding NFC figurines, creating theme parks or shooting movies. And it is precisely this last facet where the Japanese company seems to have found a great vein. The question is, will you continue to explore the format?

Super Mario, the king of the big screen

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Summarizing the success of the Super Mario movie is quite easy. In their first 5 days of screeningthe film has managed to reach the top spot for highest-grossing animated film with no less than $377.2 million. It remains to wait for the development of the next few weeks, but everything indicates that the film will have future installments. Now, where is the limit?

Movies Nintendo Could Make

Mario may be an extremely charismatic character, and that is why he has an ease in bringing to life a successful cinematic universe. But let’s not forget that many of Nintendo’s IPs have a wave of fans that transcends well beyond video game culture, which is why they could also be great options to opt for a movie. And the first option that comes to mind is quite obvious.

Legend of Zelda

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Link’s adventures in search of Zelda give rise to many stories. The Zelda saga has given us incredible adventures, so it is quite easy to imagine a saga of movies that revolve around the many games in the saga. It is possibly the option that we would see with the most guarantees of success, but it is also an extremely risky bet.


A heroine with as much charisma as Samus would be the perfect fit for a live action movie set in the Metroid universe. It would be a very interesting option that would capture a more adult audience than usual for Nintendo, so it also seems like a very interesting option that we would like to see come to life. Also, as if that were not enough, Brie Larson herself has shared her wishes to give life to her character on more than one occasion, so we would have the perfect combo. Nintendo, do it.

Luigi’s Mansion

LEGO Luigi's Mansion

Luigi’s adventures in the mysterious mansions give a lot of play, so a movie with hints of mystery and exploration would be quite fun. We have already been able to see certain touches of it in the Super Mario movie, so a spin-off is something that would be more than obvious.

Animal Crossing

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It may sound strange to you to think of an Animal Crossing movie, but in reality what we envision is an animated series in which each chapter tells of the day to day in the town. It could be a very fun and entertaining series for the little ones that would even be educational.

More Mario movies

Mario with Yoshi.

This is basically the most likely thing to happen in the short term. Mario’s universe is so big that it’s quite easy to bring a new story to life with touches from many other plumber games. At the end of the film you can see two post-credits scenes that invite you to think about a sequel, so it is likely that sooner or later we will know something about it.

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