The ultimate trick in Fall Guys is letting yourself lose.

a few days ago, Fall Guys it changed its form of monetization and also its method of progression. The arrival of the video game at Epic Games has also meant a big change in the title, which is now a game free-to-play. However, it seems that Mediatonic has gotten a little out of hand in the game, as many players believe that the real way to progress in the game is not competing to win the games.

Fall Guys becomes free (and very easy too)

Fall Guys is a very fun and simple game in which dozens of players compete in real time for take the crown. After several eliminatory tests, a single player will take the victory. The game had its moment of glory in 2020, during confinement. At that time, it became one of the most played titles on Twitch, shortly before Among Us will take the lead.

This week, Fall Guys has become a title free-to-play within the Epic Games store. The game has been removed from Steam, and can now be played without going through the checkout. The most demanding players have taken the battle pass already on the first day, because unlocking all its elements can bring certain advantages in the games. The problem is that, according to many users, the pass not well programmed. If you let yourself win, you will progress faster than if you fight for the crown.

Fall Guys progression system is broken

The new battle pass Fall Guys allows you to level up in several different ways. And, according to some players, this is the source of all the problems. The game now rewards you with daily, weekly and monthly challenges. It also gives a certain number of points every time we enter a game.

However, it seems that fighting for the crown is not so worth it. Take victory in Fall Guys It is not an easy task. Not only do you have to have the skill to get to the end of the trials, but there is also an element of luck. We can play for hours or even days to achieve a victory. For this reason, many players enter matches and drop quickly to be eliminated. By repeating the process, these players achieve quickly upload your battle passes. This makes competing for the crown meaningless, as only a minority of those participating in the match will take the objective of the game seriously.

In the worst case, some players say that it could be farm perfectly the battle pass experience without being ahead of the game, either through a button macro or being on something else while the player repeats this process over and over again.

At the moment, everything seems to indicate that it is a mediatonic forecast failure. However, it is somewhat strange that in this new version of the game there are no more statistics or leaderboards, so the player cannot track his progress as he could when the game was of payment.

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