The Vampire and the Butterfly: MS Edizioni announces a new game book

MS Editions announces the arrival of The Vampire and the Butterfly, new game book written by Claudio Vergnani. This is the first volume of a new totally made in Italy narrative line called Horror Business.

The Vampire and the Butterfly will be the first chapter of a series with an investigative and horror atmosphere in which we will shape the adventures of Claudio, always ready to investigate the most particular cases accompanied by the trusted one Vergy.

The Vampire and the Butterfly, the first game book in the Horror Business series

The Vampire and the Butterfly will take us inside a gloomy city where entire areas are prey to vampires, maniacs, masked gangs and unscrupulous fixers. Claudio and Vergy, the protagonists of this new book series, are two former operators of Special forces fallen from grace, who make ends meet by offering their services to the highest bidder.

We know that fans of investigative book games will already be rubbing their hands: don’t worry, you can already pre-order The Vampire and the Butterfly on the MS Edizioni website!

Here is the synopsis:

An ancient vampire who heads the security of an organization called The New Blood Pact, which aims to pacify and regulate relations between Humans and Vampires, hires Claudio and Vergy to stop a mysterious killer, called the “Butterfly”, who is sabotaging the peace process by killing the principal members one after the other with cold, geometric and surgical efficiency. No one has ever seen him, no one knows what he looks like, the only thing that is known is that he is able to get anywhere at any time and that after each crime he vanishes like a ghost. The negotiations have reached a critical point and if the assignment is accepted, the lives suspended by a thread will not only be those of the affiliates of the organization, but also and above all those of the two adventurers.

The project represents the starting point for the new line of crossroads narrative to which first-rate names will work: Claudio Vergnani for writing volumes, Fabio Porfidia as an illustrator and Francesco di Lazzaro as an editor.

Each book will be an investigation in its own right lived through the eyes of Claudio and can be read separately or as an integral part of what will be the eccentric investigative career of Claudio and Vergy, in a world populated by creatures of the night, where vampires they are looking for their place in human society.

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