The Weirdest Movies Disney Released In Its History

What are these movies? Well then you are going to have them, there may be some more. So if you have that information, if you know one of these strange titles that Disney released throughout its history, do not hesitate to share it. In the meantime, here are some movies that you might still like to see, if only to find out what makes them particularly special.

The Watcher in the Woods

A horror movie that came out in 1980, that was The forest watcher. Starring Bette Davis, Carrol Baker, David McCallum, Lynn-Holly Johnson and Kyle Richards tells the story of a family who will encounter evil spirits when moving to another country.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Another horror film from the 80s that did not have a very good acceptance in its first version and that caused several subsequent recordings and reissues, but did not achieve great successes either. Even so, being a genre little treated by the company, it is striking.

Victory Through Air Power

In 1943 one of the purposes of the cinema was to be a propaganda vehicle for the governments of the time and hence this film entitled Victory Through Air Power, which served to teach American citizens the effort that their country was making during World War II.

The Spirit of Mickey Mouse

Another of Disney’s oddities is Mickey’s spirit, a collection of shorts starring the popular mouse that was released directly on VHS in the late 90s.

So dear to my heart

In 1948 a film called So dear to my heart that he was one of the first to combine animation with live action, a technique that years later he would continue to combine in other films. Here is life on a small farm in the Midwest of the United States.

Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue

Disney premiered with great success the Treasure Island and that caused him to become interested in real-action movies based on true stories. This is how they launched into a movie about an outlaw and popular Scottish hero named Rob Roy. The film, released in 1953, was called Ron Roy: The Highland Rogue.

Make Mine Music

A collection of shorts where music plays a leading role, that’s right Make Mine Music. A film that was released in 1946 and that has had several reissues as they considered that some parts could be more or less offensive for the public who saw them.

The Happiest Millionaire

Based on the true story of Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, The Happiest Millionaire is a musical starring Fred MacMurray, Tommy Steele, Greer Garson, Gladys Cooper, Geraldine Page, Hermione Baddeley, John Davidson and Lesley Ann Warren that premiered in 1967. Of course, beyond all that, the most striking thing is that it was the Last musical to be made with Walt Disney alive since the creator of the company died during its production.

The Gnome Mobile

Another of the last films in which Walt Disney was involved. The Gnomo Mobile is a comedy with a lot of fantasy in which two children and their grandfather (a classic tycoon figure) discover what could be the last gnomes.

Song of the South

It is likely that if you are of a certain age you have seen it at some point, but Song of the South It is a film that Disney would hardly make today due to the controversies it raised over the years for the representation of offensive racist stereotypes for the black community. It was released in 1946.

Other Disney movies that will surprise you

Many of the films mentioned above are difficult to find today, so much so that while some can be found in Disney +Others are not even remotely offered on the video platform via streaming.

However, they are not the only oddities. There are many other movies that surprise to the point of thinking how Disney did something of this type. Although later it is understood, because some of them are the classic second parts or extra stories to deal with a character from the main film or give continuity to the story in order to continue making it profitable. Of course, from time to time you come across pleasant surprises like The Great Mouse Detective.

Of course, for one that surprises you and you like, there are others that are better not to have seen. Still, it’s just a matter of digging around a bit to keep learning about all those Disney oddities that you may never have heard of as Cinderella will always be happy, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, The Brave Little Toaster or The Cat from Outer Space.

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