There are some Nike shoes from Apple that are neither Nike nor Apple

The Apple Collection sneakers

If you are currently traveling to Cupertino, you will not only have the possibility to visit the campus of one of the most important companies in the world, but also to go to one of its stores where they sell more than their popular iPhone, iPad or Mac, among other technological devices. In this Apple store they also sell merchandising such as t-shirts and even mugs.

Well, in the 80s the company, without Steve Jobs at the helm, made a series of somewhat strange movements that almost cost it its existence. But that is not the story we want to tell you, but during that time he dedicated himself to creating some other particular product with which they proved to be somewhat lost.

Among them, in 1986, a line called The Apple Collection which, for the most fans, later became a whole set of products to collect. Among them were some shoes that were a kind of mix between two very iconic models of the time: the Reebok Club C and the Nike Air Force 1.

Those sneakers, which the company sold to any of its employees at the time, now have a value of around $ 10,000, since they are basically a collector’s item. Luckily, you may now have the opportunity to get some at a much lower price and that will not be used, as they are a “new” product.

Apple’s Nike Dunk are neither Nike’s nor Apple’s

The mythical sneakers that Apple sold are back almost thirty years after their original launch, of course they are made by two companies that have nothing to do with either Nike or Apple itself. These are none other than Thinking Different and Foxtrot Uniform. Between both They have re-created Apple’s Nike Dunk.

Without being an official product, it is very striking how they have copied the original model and even use the logos of both companies. Of course, while Nike’s is very recognizable, Apple’s for its part differs a lot from what we know today. This is because in those years certain licenses were allowed and hence the game with the drawing of the apple, the typography and the colors of the rainbow used in different parts.

How much do Nike and “Apple” shoes cost?

These particular Apple Nike Dunk do not have the price of those collector’s items that some are lucky to still have at home. The version made by Thinking Different and Foxtrot Uniform they have a price of $ 549 and can be purchased through the website of the latter.

So, knowing that they are not an official and authorized model by Nike and Apple, the truth is that if you do not mind spending such an amount, they are very cool and equal to recover that style and way of dressing so 90s.

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