These are the best photos of the year taken with a mobile camera

It’s been a long time since we left behind the debate about whether or not it could be done professional photography with a mobile phone. But, just in case, the Mobile Photography Awards They are there every year to remind us. This international contest rewards the best images made with smartphones or tablets. This year’s delivery has had a very good participation and a winner who has taken geometry and simplicity to a new level.

We already have the winners of this year’s Mobile Photography Awards

The camera doesn’t make the photographer, and the Mobile Photography Awards prove it every year. This 2021/2022 edition has had 5,500 photographs submitted by participants 90 countries different. The mobile phone most used by the contestants in this edition was once again the iPhonealthough the founder of the contest, Daniel Berman, believes that this trend is changing, because just in this edition there has been a greater variety of mobile devices than in previous contests.

The contest has had 12 categoriesthree prizes for the best photo essays and a overall winner. The winners of each category have won a prize of 500 dollars, while the winner of the edition has received a prize of 3,000 dollars.

This is the winning gallery of Liu Kun Kun

Liu Kun Kun, an amateur photographer from Shanghai, was this year’s overall winner thanks to a very well put together serieswith a very minimalist, geometric style and where perspective predominates.

All of his images have been captured and edited on an iPhone 12 Pro Max. According to the photographer, his idea was to deconstruct the idea that we all have of landscape photography. This is how Rodrigo Rivas has let us know, who has had the privilege of being part of the jury of this edition of the Mobile Photography Awards.

These are the 3 winners of the Essay category

panic mpa series

The essay has had first, second and third prize. The winning series has been Free from Panic by Vince Keresnyei. The photographer has portrayed his own illness, the panic disorder, through Adrienn, a girl who also suffers from the same thing. Thanks to her, Keresnyei has been able to portray the entire process of the disease, with its ups and downs, something that he could never have done by putting himself as a subject in front of the camera.

bird mpa

The second prize has been for mass ave by Jeff Larason. Mass Ave is a street that crosses Boston from end to end, joining places as disparate as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or camps full of homeless people and drug addicts.

The Olive Harvest

And, finally, the third prize has been won by Alessandra Manzotti with The Olive Harvestwith a series in which he has photographed the olive harvesting process using the traditional method, that is, using a net and a stick.

Other categories

Finally, there are 12 other participants who have won a prize after taking the first place in the remaining categories. These are some of the winning photographs in these themes:

Svetlin Yosifov

Svetlin Yosifov (Black and White)

Anh Vu Do

Anh Vu Do (People)

mpa macro nature

James Peck (Macro) / Shinya Itahana (Nature)

mpa street architecture

Roy Pan (Street) / Kuanglong Zhang (Architecture)

mpa darkness water

Ying Kwok (Darkness) / Junbiao Cai (Water, Snow, Ice)

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