These are the news that will reach the Chrome tabs

Eyelashes have been with us for a long time, but they are in a transition process. Some browsers, like Edge or Vivaldi, are taking advantage to try to revolutionize the way of surfing the Internet by adding all kinds of functions and features for users. However, Google Chrome, despite being the most used browser, is the one that is least innovating in this regard, since its tabs have hardly received new functions or features, until now.

Although the Google Chrome development is closed (unlike Chromium, which is OpenSource), it is relatively easy to follow the evolution of the browser by looking at the lists of bugs that the company is marking as solved. In this way, a Reddit user has been in charge of analyzing all the latest bugs that have been marked as fixed in the browser, deducing what will be the next news that we are going to see within the browser tabs.

Imminent news for Chrome tab groups

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t seem to be working on vertical tabs, nor on a second tab bar like Edge and Vivaldi offer us. And, from our point of view, it’s a shame. But it is working on new functions and features that will allow us to work better with the Google browser.

One of the first novelties that we are going to find is the possibility to save a group of tabs as bookmarks. In this way, if we have created a group that we want to keep for later, instead of having to save the pages one by one, what we will do is save them all at once, inside a new folder, in the bookmarks bar. . Have you already saved a group of tabs as bookmarks? Chrome will allow open a bookmark folder in a group new tabs.

Related to the groups of tabs, these will also have a sync function that will allow us to access these groups from other PCs or devices. Another quite interesting novelty seems to be the possibility to set groups of tabs same as can be done with individual tabs. These groups will be anchored to the left of the tab bar and the main advantage is that, if we close the browser, when we open it again they will already be open.

Finally, Google may also allow us add custom icons to tab groups so that we can identify them much faster and easier.

When will these news arrive?

At the moment, these news are still in process. Google hasn’t even brought them to the Canary branch of the browser, so we’ll still have to wait a bit to test them. Initially they will arrive as flags, experimental functions, and little by little they will become browser features.

When they are ready, Google will enable them by default for all users so that everyone can use them if they need them. But for this we will still have to expect about two or three versions of Chrome. Be that as it may, they are functions that will be useful to more than one of us. And while we’re still looking forward to vertical tabs, groups are going to be a lot more useful from then on.

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