These are the programs that need a faster connection

Have a good internet connection It’s fundamental. It is important to be able to download files, broadcast streaming videos or simply browse. But of course, not all applications or services will require the same resources. In this article we are going to talk about which programs need to have a better Internet connection to function and to fulfill their functions correctly.

Applications that need better Internet

Regardless of the Internet connection that we have contracted, we must be aware that certain programs will require some resources to work well. For example, uploading large files to the cloud is not the same as simply downloading a text file from a web page. Therefore, it is convenient to know which ones they need better connection.

Streaming video programs

One type of application that will consume a lot of Internet connection resources are those of streaming videos. Especially when we reproduce a video in high quality, such as 1080p or even 4K, we need to have a good bandwidth so that there are no cuts.

For example, we can mention YouTube or Netflix, but it would be the same in any program of this type where we can watch series, movies or any live online broadcast that has to load a large amount of data. It is important to avoid cuts when watching a video online.

File downloads

Of course the file download you will also need a good internet connection. The necessary resources will depend on the size of the files, since it is not the same to download an operating system that occupies several gigs, than simply a text document.

For example Bittorrent or P2P applications need to have a good Internet connection. If the speed is limited, it will take a long time to download the files or we may even have continuous cuts that prevent the download from completing correctly. We must always keep in mind some tips to download from the Internet faster.

Cloud services

The cloud it has become widely used in recent years. Many services are used by both home and business users to host content, create backups, or simply free up space on physical hard drives to maintain capacity.

Applications to upload content to Google Drive, Dropbox and the like will require a good Internet connection. Here it is important to have a good download and upload speed, since we are going to download content, but also host it in the cloud.

Video calls

When to use video calls it is important that the Internet connection is good, with an adequate speed. As when playing streaming videos, it will also depend on the quality to which we have the application configured.

We can name as examples applications such as Skype, Zoom or similar. All of them allow you to make video calls over the Internet, either from your computer or from your mobile phone, and they need a stable connection so that it looks good and does not appear cuts.

Ultimately, these are the applications that will need a better Internet connection to function and avoid problems. We can always keep in mind some tips to make the network speed better.

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