These programs can block your WiFi

What apps affect WiFi

We can install programs of all kinds on our computers. We can have browsers, security applications, messaging software, games… They don’t all need the same connection and they don’t affect wireless connectivity in the same way, as they could sometimes cause problems. These applications that we are going to show can even reach block your wifi.


The first program that can affect WiFi and even block it and make it not work is a vpn. It is a very useful type of tool that serves to encrypt the connection and be able to browse with greater privacy. In addition, it also allows you to hide the IP address and thus access online services that may be geographically restricted.

However, these programs do not always work well. Sometimes they can cause problems and make the connection very slow, with an excessively high latency and it is especially something that we are going to notice when we are connected to wireless networks that may have very limited coverage.

security programs

Something similar can happen with security programs. For example a antivirus or a firewall. Although they are really useful to avoid problems and protect our data, sometimes they can cause conflicts and cause the connection to malfunction. They could even block certain programs that we use to access the network, such as a browser.

If you connect via WiFi and have a problematic antivirus or firewall, they could detect that network as insecure and block it. You would lose the signal or you would have many limitations to achieve a good speed. To avoid this, it is always advisable to use a guaranteed antivirus.

download apps

Of course, if you use certain programs that require high bandwidth, it could also compromise the performance of the WiFi network. Normally, you will notice a decrease in speed, but that could even lead to a crash when you try to open the browser or any other application. And there download programs play a key role.

If you are using an app to P2P downloads, for example, that could weigh down your connection. In the event that the WiFi network you use is weak, the problem could be even greater and you will not be able to navigate normally.

streaming services

The same can happen when you use a service to play streaming videos. For example YouTube or Netflix. If you watch a series in maximum quality, that is going to need a good bandwidth. In the event that the WiFi is limited, it could be insufficient and that is where the problems would begin.

To avoid the connection being blocked or the videos not playing well, it is a good idea to lower the quality. This way you will need less bandwidth and you will be able to reduce many problems.

In short, as you have seen, there are certain programs that can block WiFi and make the connection stop working properly. You can always optimize the signal and thus achieve a significant improvement in quality.

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