These two TikTokers are famous for asking these questions on the street

if you have ever seen The resistance From Broncano, you will know that one of the most famous questions in his interviews is “how much money do you have”. Apparently two tiktokers (whatever that is), have copied a page from that book and they have become famous by asking people with money questions about what they do for a living. The truth is that the videos are curious and the answers, as you can imagine, are quite obvious. If you want to get rich and afford Ferraris and apartments in New York, pay attention to these videos.

Among the thousand ways in which social networks make us empty and depressed beings is showing us, all the time, that many people have a better life than us. Or, at least, a life with a bank account that doesn’t shake with bills at the beginning of the month.

now two tiktokers They have become famous for simply reminding us how unfair the world is. In his videos, they rub us that others earn much more money than us and have a brutal carbon footprint. Meanwhile, you are insisted everywhere that, as long as you keep using that plastic straw, you end up in the Court of The Hague or something like that.

What do those who drive expensive cars and have yachts and apartments do in NY

One of those tiktokers is the user @shanrizwan. Rizwan is a first-generation Pakistani-Filipino living in New York. Furthermore, he has achieved more than 834,000 followers with his videos in which he asks strangers questions about their finances.

One of the most popular is about the (exorbitant) rent that New Yorkers pay and how they can afford it, investigating what they do.

They are not the only questions he asks, since another of the most common is stopping people with headphones to ask what they are listening to.

However, the hundreds of thousands of views cannot be compared with the almost 20 million views of this video on the topic of rents and money.


Guessing People’s Rent in New York City #guessingrent #nyc

♬ original sound – Shan Rizwan

The formula is very similar to that of another TikTok user, @itsdanielmac. daniel mac too ask people with big cars and yachts what they do for a living and how they can afford something that the rest of us can’t even conceive of.

Here you have, in fact, a compilation of his exploits on YouTube, so that you realize how much you have made the wrong profession in life.

You can put it with subtitles that translate automatically, but if you don’t feel like it, don’t worry, I’ll tell you what those people in all these videos do.

Unsurprisingly, they almost always have to do with: technology (engineers, programmers and business owners), real estate and investments. Of course, there is also the proverbial cryptobro (“I was lucky with some investments”, at least, he admits that it was fortune and not merit).

That the typical sincere one also appears who recognizes that “he does nothing” and the usual humorous one who blurts out “trafficker”, thinking that in this way he misleads the fact that he really is.

Ultimately, what none of the writers of El Output appear. After all, the networks were created as yet another way for some to show or feign superior status, unsuccessfully covering up the miseries of their lives. At least these two tiktokers They clearly take advantage of it to see if, in this way, they also appear one day in the video of others.

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