These types of smart plugs should never be used

We can say that smart plugs are one of the first options that we usually take into account when automating the home. They are cheap, easy to use and they are also very useful. You can use them to control home appliances remotely, for example. They also serve to save energy. You can put them anywhere in your home and you will find many options. However we want to explain what mistakes you should avoid when buying a plug with Wi-Fi.

What to avoid when using smart plugs

The objective is that you do not buy a device that is not really going to be of much use to you. In addition, they can even become a problem for your security and the operation of the network. Avoid the common mistakes that we are going to show you and buy a device that is guarantees and works correctly.

Plugs with low wattage capacity

The first mistake is to buy a smart plug with little max load. It basically means that you are not going to be able to connect a high-draining appliance. Normally they support at least 3600W, so you could connect practically anything. It’s rare to have anything at home that consumes more than that.

But some cheap and simpler models may not exceed 2000W. If, for example, you have a radiator that has a power of 2500 or 3000W, you could not connect it to this socket. You could not measure the consumption and it could even pose a risk since it could overheat. Therefore, buy one that has a good capacity.

old security protocol

Plugs with Wi-Fi, just like any other device that connects to the wireless network, will have a security protocol. Currently the most robust, the most current and secure, is WPA-3. However, most you will find are WPA-2. They are also safe as long as they are current and up to date.

Avoid using sockets that do not have at least WPA-2 encryption. This will help your security and prevent them from entering your network without permission. Keep this in mind when using any other connected device.

unknown brand

You will find many brands available to buy plugs with Wi-Fi. However, not all of them will be good. We do not want to say that all the unknown ones are going to be problematic, but it is more likely. Especially if you buy them online, on pages that are not reliable.

You may end up buying a device that stops working after a short time. Our advice is that you always choose a plug with guaranteed Wi-Fi. You can check comments and ratings from other people who have previously bought it and thus avoid problems.

We leave you some interesting options Wi-Fi plugs:

bad compatibility

Do you want to control your smart plugs by voice? Are you going to connect them to a hub? It is important that you take compatibility into account. Otherwise you will be more limited and you will not be able to really take full advantage of the functions that these types of smart devices have.

For example, you should check that it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. That will allow you to turn an appliance on or off by voice. Today most are usually compatible with this technology, but it should be reviewed.

In short, as you can see, it is important to choose the smart plug to buy well. Avoid buying one that is of poor quality, that does not have good features. This way you can make the most of technology.

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