these Wi-Fi cameras are at their lowest price

When we are not at home, we always have the question of whether everything will go well, if there is a problem, or if someone has entered without permission. Even being at home, there are times when it is necessary to have extra security that allows us, for example, to know who is knocking on our door without having to open it. The solution to all this is found in home surveillance cameras, small devices that allow us to see, in real time, what is happening in our home, wherever we are. And, if you are thinking of buying one, you can stop looking.

There are countless brands and models of IP cameras on the market. For example, we can find models from well-known technology manufacturers, which are generally quite expensive, and at the same time we can find many Chinese gear cameras that, although they are cheap and work, do not stand out for their quality or reliability.

At an intermediate point, cameras have gained great popularity on Amazon Blink. These are surveillance cameras for domestic use that we can place wherever we want and allow us to monitor any part of our home. These cameras stand out for having Wi-Fi, to be able to access them even when we are not at home, and, also, if we have a amazon echo display, allow us to see what they are capturing with a simple voice command. By the way, this Echo is also on sale right now.

Offer on Blink cameras that you cannot miss

The first of the cameras that we find at an unbeatable price is the Blink Outdoor. This camera is designed for surveillance of outdoor locations (also indoors), since it is weather resistant and works with two batteries that provide a range of up to 2 years. It has motion detection, night vision, and a two-way audio system.

For a few days, we will be able to get hold of it with a 44% discount, going from costing 99.99 euros to just €55.99. Includes the camera and the Sync Module 2 needed to connect it to Wi-Fi.

If we are looking for a simple model only to be used inside the house, then we must bet on the Blink Mini. This camera is very compact, so we can place it anywhere. It has 1080P video quality, motion detection, two-way audio and night vision. It is also compatible with Alexa, and we do not depend on batteries, since it works with a cable. Its price, in this offer, goes from being 34.99 euros to just €22.99.

But if what you are really looking for is the perfect bargain, on Amazon we can find a format pack for a Blink Outdoor, a Blink Mini and the Sync Module 2, with a discount of 58%. In this way, the complete pack goes from costing 134.98 euros to just €55.99an unbeatable price with which we get two cameras and the Wi-Fi module to be able to monitor any corner of our home.

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