They close this VPN used to strain malware

They take down a VPN that distributed ransomware

It is specifically about Hackers used this service to hide their real identity and location. In this way they could redirect traffic through multiple encryption tunnels and distribute ransomware without being able to trace them and know who was behind those attacks.

Keep in mind that this type of VPN used by cybercriminals does not work the same as any that we use as a home user. In this case they have many layers of encryption and the information goes through more tunnels, which naturally affects the speed. was a service that had been running for many years, based on OpenVPN Y 2048 bit encryption. It offered maximum privacy, something that hackers took into account so that they could then launch their attacks without being discovered.

However, after the police discovered different cybercriminals using this service, they began to investigate. They saw that made it easy for these hackers, and from there, Europol began the process that has led to its closure. A total of 10 countries have participated in this work, all of them European except the United States.

They are looking for the owners of

The police now, once they have managed to take down the servers, look for the owners. They have not yet been identified, but they have information that could lead to their arrest soon.

On the other hand, once they took over the servers, they have also been able to identify customer data stored in them. This makes it likely that the police will be able to identify more ransomware affiliates.

The ransomware is undoubtedly one of the most important security threats on the Internet. Attackers encrypt files and systems with the aim of demanding a ransom in return. It is a technique that, in addition, has been changing in recent times and now they also extort money by making the stolen information public.

To deal with this type of threat it is essential to have certain security measures. For example, use a good antivirus, have the systems correctly updated or only install applications from official sources. This will help us prevent the entry of malicious software, such as ransomware.

Regarding VPNs, we have seen what has happened in the case of However, there are many more that can be a security threat. We mainly talk about the ones that are free. Hence, we must choose the VPN that we are going to install and always use guaranteed services, that have everything necessary to encrypt our data correctly.

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