They create 3D-printed shoes that leave a ‘very beast’ footprint

If you are one of those people who are lazy to go out and buy shoes, congratulations, you are in luck. To get your next pair of sneakers you will only need a 3D printer, the Sintratec S2 System, to be more specific. And it is that the German Stephan Henrich has devised a shoe that can be created from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE for friends). Stephan is not a shoemaker, but a designer and architect, but the slippers he has created seem to be more comfortable than house slippers. Worthy of being science fiction movie sneakers.

The Cryptidthe shoe with a mysterious imprint


You will no longer need to go into a shoe store and deal with the ritual of acquiring a new pair of shoes: choosing the style, asking for sizes, hobbling around the store with only one foot in your shoes trying to guess if you are uncomfortable because your shoe is tight. foot or because you are uneven with a different shoe on each foot… Anyway, let’s get to the point.

East ultra-ergonomic footwear It has a lot of background. It is one of the main projects that presents Sintratec for your new printer, the Sintratec S2 Starter Cell. He has been inspired by the traces of the great mysteries of the 20th century: the yeti and nessy, the creature that lives in Loch Ness. And, although one is a furry mammal that roams the Himalayas, and the other is an amphibious creature native to the Scottish Highlands, they have something in common; Both are cryptids.

But… what are cryptids?

No, cryptids are not the new cryptocurrency that has hit the market in the last twenty minutes, nor are they the umpteenth exclusive collection of NFTs created by WillyRex. That’s what this whole series is called. animals and other living beings that do not exist, that is, those that are part of mythology and popular folklore. They are flora and fauna that are spoken of, but there is no scientific proof of their existence.

Why is the shoe called cryptid?


As we said, this shoe inspired by the Yeti, Bigfoot and nessy. They are all creatures of the imaginary collective (cryptids) that during the last century created a furor when traces appeared that proved their existence. the slipper cryptidwith its showy sole, leaves a very curious footprint if you take a step on wet or muddy ground. If you want to scare your neighbors or family, step on a puddle and take a walk with those shoes around, you will see what laughs.

Is it a good name for a shoe?

Although Sintratec footwear is the dream cyberpunk of all good wannabe “cani” of the 2000s, baptize it as “the slipper cryptid» may not have been the most successful. The footprints that proved the existence of the Loch Ness monster in the 1930s turned out to be an umbrella stand made from a stuffed hippopotamus leg, for example. All the footprints that have been found of the alleged mythological creatures, over the years, have proven to be scams. A concept that Sintratec should not associate too much with its technological material if they really want to do well in this business.

Are there other 3D printed shoes?

Ica and Kostika 3d shoes

This Sintratec shoe is not the first to be made with a 3D printer. The study Ica and Kostika has a pair of shoes worthy of Lady Gaga, the Mycelium. Just like the sneakers we’re talking about, these vertigo-inducing platforms are printed on an SLS machine. What is clear is that the tread of this new model is a little more scary.

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