They create a 3D model of the Apple Car from Apple patents

Vanarama is a well known British car rental company. And for publicity, he has taken a few automobile engineers and commissioned them to design a car based on the patents that Apple has awarded for its Apple Car.

And a 3d model very futuristic, but particularly, i think it is ugly in the face. I hope that the Cupertino designers have better taste and are thinking about other design lines, much more in line with the company’s philosophy.

A team of automotive experts have designed an impressive and futuristic interactive 3D model of the future for the leasing firm Vanarama. Apple car, based on official Apple patents. The concept shows both the exterior and interior design of the car. Here you can see it in detail.

Model based on Apple patents

The three-dimensional model has been designed using helpful notes found in various patents from Manzana. An exercise that could be close to the actual design that Apple can have stored in its Apple Car computers.

The kind of Vanarama It is fully 3D, allowing you to rotate the car 360 degrees to see the front, side and rear. The first thing you notice is the pillarless design of the glass canopy that includes the windows, sunroof and windshield. This particular patent, US10384519B1, shows that Apple has invented a way to build a car without the need for the chassis to extend past the doors, dividing different panes of glass.

The exterior of the car also uses adaptive doors according to patent US10384519B1. You can see the Apple design, like the mesh style grille Mac Pro at the front, a smooth white chassis and retractable door handles.

Inside, Vanarama has modeled a large touch screen continuous spreading across the entire dashboard. Patent US20200214148A1 would allow Apple to integrate an ultra-wide screen without splices. Several patents have been used to envision a fully customizable information and control panel, as well as a special version of Siri that acts as an intelligent driving assistant.

For my taste, the overall design of the car leaves a lot to be desired. But it is still curious to see what the future Apple Car could be more or less, if we ever see it in reality, and not on the screens of our devices as simple 3D models.

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