They leak GTA V source code and Rockstar deletes it in a matter of minutes

What has been leaked from GTA 5

GTA 6 hidden message

When the first images of GTA 6 appeared on the internet, it was also rumored that the main suspect or other hackers had files related to the source code of Grand Theft Auto V in their possession. This was never made public, however, today we came across a post on GitHub where He publicly shared some files that made various references to the game such as camera aspects, graphic settings, scene control, gang management and things related to DLC.

They are small brushstrokes of the game, and although it does not reveal anything especially sensitive at first glance, Rockstar was obviously not amused at all. For this reason, the company sent requests to GitHub to stop offering such content for violating copyright.

GTA V source code

The action has worked and the files have become unavailable, and seeing how quickly the company has acted, it’s clear that the material was sensitive and naturally legitimate, so we weren’t just talking lines of invented code.

Is GTA 6 in danger?

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This has nothing to do with GTA 6. These leaks may affect the company, but at no time would they affect the development of the new installment. If the leaked videos of GTA 6 did not affect the development (so the company assured), this would disrupt the plans much less.

To this we must add that the leaked files should fall into very specific hands to be useful for something, at the same time that certain Rockstar tools would be needed to be able to work with those lines of code. Nor does it seem to affect the current course of GTA Online. The multiplayer game continues to add millions of players around the world, and while GTA 6 remains completely silent, GTA Online is the only escape route for those eager for a new installment.

This does not mean that the leak is not serious, but after all most of the damage is reduced to a matter of honor and public image.

It is downloadable?

If you are asking yourself this question, you probably have not understood anything. In any case, we must tell you no. The files have been removed from GitHub and are no longer present on the service, so you can no longer access and download the files themselves from where they were posted.

We imagine that currently there must already be many replicated copies of the files, but we don’t care, since as we have said, they are not files that most humans are interested in. Sharing the leaked files would be a crime, so you’d better forget about them.

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