Things allows us to include bulleted lists in the last update

Things is one of the most complete applications available for iOS and macOS when it comes to creating to-do lists, an application that has received an important update focused on the notes we add to tasks, an update that allows users to create bulleted lists, write in Markdown to structure notes, search within notes, and introduces a new feature dubbed Things Cloud “Fractus” and a new method for syncing notes between devices.

Things update 3.14 details for macOS

Bulleted lists

Things allows you to include bulleted lists in your notes. You just have to write “-” and the text you want. or use other characters for the bullets such as *, + or •. The text will be displayed on a new, perfectly indented line making it much easier to read.


The Markdown writing system lands on Things to structure notes and add style to them. Things detects commonly used syntax fonts and displays them with a unique combination of proportional and fixed-width fonts.

Search for and replace

With this new function, we can search for text within the note we are in. A function has also been added that allows us to replace the words we are looking for.

Things Cloud «Fractus»

Things Cloud “Fractus” is a new intelligent method to synchronize notes, since only the changes made are synchronized, not the complete notes, drastically improving the efficiency of the synchronization and allowing to resolve conflicts more efficiently.

Things 3 is priced at 49.99 euros in the Mac App Store and in addition, it is also available, in separate purchases for iOS.

Things 3 (AppStore Link)

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