This Bike With LED Wheels Is The Most Eye-Catching Craft You’ll See Today

the well known youtuber Q He has surprised us before with extremely curious and ingenious homemade bicycles, but what we did not expect is that one of his latest creations was going to leave us with such an eye-catching RGB light show that we bring you next. Be careful because the entire construction process is a tremendous demonstration of ingenuity.

silicone wheels

The first thing you may be wondering is what the heck those wheels are made of to make the LED lights illuminate so well. Well, it is neither more nor less than a rather peculiar craft work, since with the help of some molds made with a 3D printerhas managed to create the complete circumference of a wheel using an old spoked rim as a base.

To create the cover have used silicone sticks or hot gluewhich, once melted in the oven in a saucepan, has allowed him to fill the mold that he had previously prepared next to the tire.

The result is a rather curious semi-transparent wheel that is capable of withstanding bike rides quite easily (the fact that it cushions little and is a punishment for your knees, we leave that for another day).

lighting up the wheels

The next step was to give light and color to the wheels, which was basically the objective of the idea, and for this he has used an LED strip with WiFi control that is capable of running on three AA batteries. The use of batteries gives him the possibility of being completely independent, and thanks to a piece designed and printed with a 3D printer, he has managed to house them in the center of the wheel so that the bike is balanced and the LEDs work perfectly.

The power cable goes around one of the spokes and ends in the center of the rim, where the plastic piece with the batteries is placed. Aesthetically it is perfect.

A very original bike

As you can see in the video, the result of the bicycle is incredible, and the lighting produced by the LEDs is spectacular when the sunlight falls slightly. In addition, thanks to the WiFi remote control, it is possible to select colors to taste and apply effects, so the final appearance of the bicycle is fantastic.

Naturally, the idea is not perfect, since it is nothing more than a craft that seeks to demonstrate the idea and distract YouTube subscribers. Problems like the hardness of the homemade tire, not to mention the resistance of it, make this project a great idea for a few minutes, but not an idea that you will be able to use day to day as your personal touring bike.

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