Twitter Spaces now lets you record and share audio talks

Despite the lukewarm reception Twitter Spaces it continues to expand its functions and the new feature that the service is implementing is to record audio talks for later sharing through the social network itself or other means.

Or what is the same, Twitter Spaces continues its evolution as a kind of hybrid between streaming and the podcastAs seen in other services of a different nature, see Telegram with its 2.0 voice chats, both behind the Clubhouse and a fleeting success that, however, has set a trend.

The social platform announced its plans in this regard last month, with the aim that Twitter Spaces hosts can reach larger audiences that cannot always be attentive to attend the talks when they are being done live, which we can understand. as a podcast, although the procedure is not exactly the same.

In other words, a radio-type program is not the same thing that is carried out in a more or less professional way, than a chat on Twitter Spaces that may not have any format, but when in both cases its download is made available to third parties as an audio file , the ends meet like podcast. That’s what the new Twitter Spaces feature for “creators” is all about.

In relation to other platforms, however, Twitter Spaces has its own way of proceeding and, for example, it will make it easier for potential listeners to play and share recordings from your timeline in the social network, as well as they will be informed of when the recording is being made, if they catch it at the moment.

For hosts, on the other hand, access to the recording will remain available for 30 days after your first broadcast, so the sources have an expiration date, which may be shorter if the hosts of the chat consider it and decide to delete it earlier. It is at this point where this function is most different from podcasting.

And is that Twitter Spaces can come many things: from live “radio programs” with multiple participants that depending on the drivers can have added value for their preservation a posteriori … to authentic gossips whose disappearance, the sooner the better, may be the most recommended for popular mental health.

A curious fact about this new feature of Twitter Spaces is that while the hosts of the talks will only be able to access them for a month, they will remain available to the platform for up to 120 days “so they can search for hateful content that goes against their ToS, in case users report a recording », they collect in Engadget. Anti-hate measures in the hate social network. Seeing is believing.

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