This book is the complete collection of One Piece and costs 1,900 euros

one piece He already has some 103 volumes behind him. We have been wondering for years if we will ever see the end of this manga or if it will take forever like the final book of Game of Thrones. We do not know how Eiichirō Oda’s work will be distributed once it is finished, but this French publisher has already gone ahead by launching all the volumes that have come out so far in one volume. An authentic barbarity worthy of placing in a museum that has come from the mind of a comic book artist.

What is the best way to group One Piece volumes together?

That is the question that those of the French publisher Jean Boîte Editions (JBEBooks). Instead of launching a normal and current edition of the volumes of the work, they have come up with something much more original: refer to its name and release all of One Piece in one piece. An absurdly huge book. The entire book is wrapped in a hard case with illustrations from the manga, with the title ‘One Piece by Ilan Manouach‘, which is the artist who has thought of creating such an outrageous book.

This One Piece edition from JBE Books measures a whopping 80 centimeters thick. Managing its pages will not be particularly comfortable either, since the entire volume weighs about 17 kilograms. Although this book can be placed on its back to be browsed, the idea of ​​​​its creators is not exactly that buyers enjoy a comfortable reading. In fact, they themselves recognize that it is not an edition designed for the general public, but rather as a collector’s item or pure speculation.

The wildest edition of One Piece is nothing more than a collector’s item

edition 1 volume onepiece.jpg

This mammoth One Piece book has some 21,450 pages. Only a few have been manufactured 50 units, and the goal is none other than to become a collector’s item. Jean Boîte Éditions and Ilan Manouach know very well that there are plenty of speculators currently watching the market, and such a product is a piece of candy that they will want to take off their hands. Of course, whoever wants to get hold of this gigantic specimen will have to pay about 1,900 euros. If someone is interested, the order will have to be done from the JBE Books website. Shipping is not included, although the artist guarantees that he can send it to any country in the world.

The only negative of this edition is that we know very well that it is not complete. Once the manga progresses, this volume will be without the latest adventures of Luffy and company. However, this is not stopping collectors, because apparently almost a dozen of these copies have already been sold, despite the fact that they have only been on sale for a few days.

Hopefully your buyers have spoken well with your partner, because this is the type of purchase that gets you kicked out of the house. And you? Would you buy a copy like this for pure collecting if it had an affordable price?

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